Opening a store on STYLEBEEP is FREE.

NO monthly fees, NO subscriptions and NO listing fees.

We only take 10% transaction fee of the sale prices after 3 months of your subscription.


To create a new, vendor account on STYLEBEEP , follow the instructions below:

1. Create a new account here and make sure to check “I am vendor”

2. Fill out the necessary form (email address, first name, last name, password, shop name, shop URL, telephone). You cannot end the process before filling in the required information in the form. You may change this information later on from your seller dashboard.

3.  Agree to our Terms & Conditions,  Privacy Policy and Transaction Services.

4. Click on “Register”.

5. Verification email will be sent to your registered email. Click on the link inside the email to verify your vendor account.


STYLEBEEP  is an online fashion marketplace where professional sellers can sell fashion items to anyone. Items that allow to sell is including clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, beauty product for both women or men.

STYLEBEEP  is also allow seller to sell kids/toddlers clothing, shoes, accessories as well.

If you have any specific queries, you can contact us at


Register as a seller. If you are already registered as a user, upgrade your account to become a seller and set up your store


List your products, set your shipping and payment preferences and drive traffic to your store by sharing your products and store with your social networks


Accept orders and payments online. You will be notified by email of every sale. Go to your dashboard to see order details and fullfil your order.


After fulfilling the order encourage your customers to leave a review to boost your profile. Receive feedback and connect with your customers.

Our dedicated team manage what products and sellers are featured on our home page and dedicated featured page. If you have a product you would like to feature then please apply here:

To ensure your product has the best chance of being featured ensure:

Your product has high quality images.
Your products contains detailed description of its features and benefits.
Your store and profile details are fully completed.
You have a minimum of 5 products listed on Stylebeep

You can setup/configure your own shipping method and packaging options for local or overseas under your store settings in your seller dashboard.


We currently accept Bank Transfer, PayPal and Stripe.

If buyers pay by bank transfer. We will deposit to your bank account once the product has been delivered to the buyer.

If buyers pay with their credit or debit card or PayPal account, you receive the funds to your PayPal or Stripe account after the product has delivered. We encourage our sellers to open a Stripe account to start accepting Credit Card Payment.

Please login to vendor dashboard and check that you have enabled shipping for the particular product. To enable shipping go to your seller dashboard > settings > shipping.

You may also want to check the product listing to see that you have set a delivery charge for this particular product.

A product that has more than one option is called a variable product. When listing a product you need to select the “Variable Product” on the product listing page and make it available to customers.

We have produced some tutorials on how to list your products. Visit the Sellers Handbook.

If you see that your product has been removed or banned, this is likely due to a violation of our Prohibited Items List. Please refer to Section 3) under Term of Service.


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